random facts about me

hello everyone! i’m nicole, and i’m starting a blog. here’s some random facts about me!

  • i’m from a tiny town right in the middle of new york state, but currently live in western new york
  • i live with my boyfriend, and our cat named hazel, and despite the fact that i swore i wasn’t going to spoil her, she’s spoiled.
  • we’re moving to brooklyn at the end of summer 2017
  • i’m currently working towards earning my pharmacy technician certification
  • i went to school for linguistics, but almost went for photography
  • i’d like to be a speech therapist or do something in the beauty industry
  • kathleenlights is my favorite beauty youtuber
  • i don’t think i could ever give up ice cream
  • my dream dog is a french bulldog
  • i love playing video games, but can never seem to finish them