sephora play and boxycharm reviews!

okay it’s FINALLY time for me to post this! i’m sorry it took so long, it’s been a busy couple weeks. but without further ado, let’s get into this! i’ll start with my sephora box since i received that first!

sephora play!

  • trestique highlight and perfect multipurpose stick – i’ve only used this once so i can’t really say too much about it, but i think it’s pretty decent! it’s pigmented but it’s not blinding, and i love me a blinding highlight, if we’re being honest. but despite my own personal opinions on highlights, i think i’ll definitely be reaching for this more, especially for when i’m highlighting the bridge of my nose!

  • grandeLIPS hydrating lip plumper in clear – okay, i’ve been interested in lip plumpers a little bit, but never actually tried one. i tried this on the day i received it, just to see if it actually felt hydrating and to see how long it lasted. a few minutes after i put it on, i started to feel my lips tingle, and it felt weird. i don’t even know if i should call it a tingle, because what it was seemed more than a tingle, almost painful, though barely, in a way. it’s hard to describe the sensation, but with that being said, i didn’t particularly notice any actual plumping of my lips at all. i’ll be trying this out more, though!

  • tata harper resurfacing mask – i literally just took this off my skin after trying it for the first time a few moments before writing this because i realized i hadn’t tried it out yet, and i am overly impressed. normally i feel like masks or anything like that don’t actually show any type of improvement in my skin after one use, but damn. my skin feels so smooth right now, and i’m really sad i used almost the entire sample on my face because it retails for $58 so i don’t think i’ll be repurchasing it any time soon, but i literally can’t stop touching my face right now. the only downside is that it almost feels like it should be a peel-off mask when it dries because it feels so nice and tightening, but in reality you just rinse it off with warm water. i just feel like it would be a really satisfying peel-off mask. i’m going to miss this when it’s all gone the next time i use it.

  • milk makeup blur stick – i admit i was super excited to try this out because i’ve heard people talking about it for ages. it’s like a beige color but shows up as nothing on the skin, which is nice. it feels nice and smooth on the skin as well, but i’m not sure if it actually minimized some of my pores around my nose and upper cheek area or if i just wanted to believe it did. i still use it every day in that area of my face to see if there will be a difference over time, but all i can say about it so far is ehh. i like putting it on my face but i’m not sure if it’s doing what it says it will.

  • christophe robin cleansing purifying scrub with sea salt – i really wanted to try this cleansing shampoo out on day 1 because it seemed so interesting to me, as someone who just uses a garnier fructis 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner combo because i’m lazy. after a few minutes of debating whether i should actually try it out or not, since it says to follow with conditioner, and i don’t own a separate conditioner, i decided to do it anyway and i’d just not use any conditioner at all because i didn’t want to ruin it by using my regular 2-in-1 combo after it. it felt really weird to put something so… not creamy on my wet hair, but after a little bit of massaging it into my scalp and into my hair it did start to get a little bit…wetter? creamier? more shampoo-y feeling? any of those terms will suffice. my hair felt clean afterwards, but i wouldn’t say it felt cleansed. i’ll need to try this out more BUT i will say that after using it my hair wasn’t as tangled as it usually is, so whether or not that’s coincidence i’m not sure, but i’ll definitely be using this again.

  • nest fragrance in black tulip – i don’t really wear fragrances…ever, aside from the occasional spritz of ‘daisy’ by marc jacobs that i received in my april box because i’m a sucker for marc jacobs free samples. i’m not a fragrance girl. that being said, this fragrance smells… not terrible, but not like i want to put it on my body every day either? i can tell you the description says it’s part of the floral family, that it also says, “black amber plum is nuanced by the aroma of patchouli, pink pepper, and japanese violet for a scent that is as provocative as it is seductive and alluring,” but if i didn’t know any of that and you asked me to tell you what it smelled like, i’d say, ‘i have no idea, it just smells like stuff’ because what any of that stuff smells like i have no idea. honestly, though, i’ll give it a try and a few more sniffs to get a real opinion on it, but i’m just not into fragrances that much. maybe i should try. i’ll try.


i was going to include pictures but the first time i tried taking them it was too dark, and it’s too dark right now, and there was only like four things anyway, but i’ll link them of course!

  • cream contour palette by beauty creations – CREAM? cream. i really did want the powder highlight and contour palette by iby beauty in my box but i’m still glad i got a contour palette because i’d been wanting one for awhile. as it turns out, i’m still technically on the hunt for a decent contour palette because i tried to use this and i feel like all of the shades are too dark and muddy-looking for me. i’m going to play around with it some more to see if maybe i can make it work for me, or maybe i went in with too heavy of a hand, but needless to say i have some practicing to do with this, and i really hope i can make it work because even though trying to use cream contours terrifies me, it’s still a beautiful contour and highlight palette.

  •  liquid glow by temptu – liquid glow?! more like liquid GOLD! when i opened my boxycharm box and saw this, i immediately opened it and put a little bit on the back of my hand and rubbed it in a little and i was amazed. it was so pigmented and gorgeous and i still reach for this every other day or so. this is one of my favorite highlighters that i own now, but i still have some others i reach for more, just because applying it with my fingers is more messy than i would care to deal with while getting ready for work.

  • round contour brush by crown pro – i have been wanting an oval/round brush or brush set for a while now so i was really stoked to see one in this box. i tried it with the cream contour palette and i didn’t care for the way the cream contour looked on me, so i do need to clean it off and try it with a foundation or something since it says it’s best for liquid or cream products. it’s incredibly soft, but i definitely need to play with this more. bonus: it also has a cool cap kind of thing to protect it!

  • convertible brow by the brow gal and brow brush by the brow gal – i tried using these dry and i didn’t find much pigmentation to them, so i still need to try using them wet as a pomade-type. i do like the brush, it’s not too thick and the spoolie is great! the colors in the palette are really nice and versatile as well and i find they match my eyebrows great, i just need to get more pigmentation to them! but these are a win in my book!

THAT’S IT FOR MY REVIEWS! I FINALLY FINISHED THEM! THANK YOU GUYS FOR BEING PATIENT WITH ME, but i hope you guys liked my reviews and as always feel free to like and leave comments or constructive criticism or whatever! oh and i’m still waiting on my ulta package to get forwarded with my new bronzer and primer, and my wet n wild summer season in a box unicorn glow kit should be here in a couple days AHHHH!!!


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