yesterday’s makeup of the day!

i was going to play around with my makeup today and try to do a makeup of the day post for today, but it’s my first of two days off in a row so i decided to be lazy today, buuut tomorrow if i’m not lazy i will definitely play around with my makeup.  for some reason i’m pretty nervous about posting photos of myself here when i have no problems putting them on instagram (they look better on instagram anyway), BUT i just have to suck it up and do it, in a fake-the-confidence-til-you-make-it kind of way!

in other news, my sephora play bag just shipped and i’m SO excited, plus i purchased two items from ulta online the other day that should be here THURSDAY which i’m also excited about. i got benefit’s the POREfessional face primer in a mini size because i’ve been wanting to try it for awhile but also didn’t want to purchase the full thing in case i didn’t like it, but i’m super excited about it. i also got the fiona stiles bronzing sun veil in ahiko on sale for half off  ($10!) which i’m also super excited about because i really want to try and find a nice drugstore powder contour palette (or until i give in and purchase a high end one when i shouldn’t), i’m just going to use bronzer and the packaging looks sleek and nice and the shade looks like it’ll be gorgeous. hopefully it isn’t too light for me, but i didn’t want to risk getting the warmer shade and have it look too orangey. i really really REALLY wanted the fiona stiles multidimensional color palette, shown here because it is FLIPPIN GORGEOUS and it was on sale at ulta for $19.50, when it usually retails for $39, BUT it was sold out, and when i try to visit the product on ulta it says it’s no longer available, and i can’t find it anywhere other than ebay, where it’s of course going for over $40. SIGH. i’m rambling, i’m sorry. but i’m so sad about that palette. and excited about mail. ANYWAY LET’S GET INTO IT. i’d also like to make a disclaimer that i’m definitely not a makeup artist (as you’ll be able to tell) and i learn everything from youtube, basically. I JUST LOVE MAKEUP AND PUTTING IT ON MY FACE!!

IMG_20170515_162735IMG_20170515_162730these were taken sort of hurriedly as i was leaving for work with my phone (nexus 6p), hence my wet hair pulled back and my work clothes and the not-so-great quality. we’re also in the middle of packing because we’re moving temporarily until we move to brooklyn at the end of the summer, so apologies for the messy apartment and boxes everywhere!

what i used

  • smashbox photo finish foundation primer – i got this primer as a mini size in an ipsy bag ages ago and never cared for it until i started using it a few months ago. THEN, the day i ran out of it, which was the day i got my first sephora play bag last month, imagine my excitement when there was a sample of it in there! it’s a clear, gel, silicone-based (i believe) primer and sometimes when i put it on i can’t tell if it feels oily or greasy (something i think about a lot apparently as i’m putting it on), but at the same time it feels silky smooth and doesn’t bother me at all.  i was previously using elf’s face primer which definitely IS way too greasy and oily feeling, but even though this smashbox primer feels like it’s kind of oily as you’re putting it on, it doesn’t feel oily once you’ve applied it, if that makes sense. it makes my foundation look flawless, but i don’t know if i would pay $36 for the full size product, or even $16 for a travel size.

  • the tarte rainforest of the sea spf 15 water-based foundation in the shade ‘light neutral’ which i talk about here and i applied it with my morphe y6 brush.

  • wet n wild ultimate brow kit – i purchased this at work when it was on sale, mainly because i was out of my nyx micro brow pencil and didn’t wanna bother driving to target to get another one quite yet (i’m lazy and target is dangerous) and i must say i’ve been quite pleased with it. it has a little set of tweezers, an eyebrow wax which i don’t bother using, and two powder products: a nice ashy brown shade which fills in my brows amazingly, and a darker shade which i haven’t used because my brows are not that dark. it also has a fun pull-out mirror on the side of the product. it’s easy to work with, fills in my brows nicely, and easier to clean up mistakes than previous brow products i’ve used. overall i think it’s a decent product considering it’s a drugstore brand, but i do find that i prefer waxy eyebrow pencils, so we shall see if i purchase this again once it’s empty.

  • it cosmetics bye bye under eye anti-aging concealer – i found this in a three-drawer plastic organizer the other day and remembered i had gotten it as a sample in an ipsy bag a long time ago but never really used it because i was skeptical of trying new things back then BUT i used it yesterday and i think i liked it? i’ll have to try it more. i like the coverage it gave me, it brightened up under my eyes, but it was thicker than what i normally use, which is nyx’s hd photo concealer, and that’s more creamy, which i prefer. i applied this (and apply my nyx one) with a real techniques sponge, which desperately needs a bath.

  • bellapierre cosmetics banana setting powder – this is something i also got in an ipsy bag ages ago when i still was an ipsy subscriber, and i recently found out this powder retails for $35 so i was definitely not going to let that product go to waste. it does have a bit of a yellow hue to it but i don’t find that it takes anything away from my foundation or makes my face look yellow at all. i go between this and my wet n wild mattifying powder quite often. the only thing i have to say is that it’s pretty messy. i don’t know if a lot of powders are this messy but it’s just a loose powder without a sifter so, when the product was more full than it is now, i’d have to be pretty careful taking off the lid because powder would just get everywhere… all over my dresser, my clothes, etc.

  • physician’s formula murumuru butter bronzer – i heard good things about this product from some of my favorite youtubers and found it at work on sale and it came with their butter blush. at first when i tried this i thought it was way too orange on my skin even though i had the shade ‘light bronzer’ and i put it away in my makeup organizer and didn’t touch it again until the other day. i don’t know what i was seeing when i first put it on because i put it on the other day and i was like OH I ACTUALLY LIKE THIS, so needless to say my opinion on it quickly changed. it’s so buttery on the skin and feels amazing. i just use an elf short-top flat contour brush to apply it as a contour, and a fluffy brush to bronze around the rest of my face, and i think it looks decent. or, i hope it does. oh, and it smells like coconut, which i can’t if that’s weird or amazing. i’ll go with amazing.

  • physician’s formula murumuru butter blush – like i said, this came with the butter bronzer in the shade ‘plum rose’ and i admit i’m really not much of a blush fan, but this blush is pretty nice and ALSO has the same scent as the butter bronzer which is a nice bonus. it’s pretty light and subtle which i like, and i usually just use a fluffy angled brush to apply it sort of above my bronzer and a little over my bronzer

  • elf baked highlighter in the shade ‘moonlight pearls’ – i got this at target a few months ago and at first i was like OH HELL NO THERE’S NO PIGMENT TO THIS WHAT THE HECK but then i read that you kind of have to scrape off the first layer, so i did that and then i was in HEAVEN. this is probably the highlighter i reach for the most, with my wet n wild boozy brunch following VERY closely behind. it looks really gold online for some reason but more pinky/white-ish/gold in person, or at least i feel like it does. anyway, this is amazinggggg. you can’t really tell it’s on my cheekbones in those pictures (which saddens me), but i also use it to highlight the bridge of my nose, the tip, my cupid’s bow area, and directly under my lower lip. everyone needs this highlighter in their lives.

  • wet n wild photofocus lash primer – i never really used a lash primer before i started using this so i don’t have anything to compare it to, but i will say that i love it so much. it does its job, which is to prime my lashes, and it helps my mascara look amazing, no matter what mascara i’m using.

  • marc jacobs lash lifter gel mascara – i know, i know, the rest of what i’m wearing is mostly drugstore and inexpensive, and then i throw a marc jacobs product out there. well, honestly, i got this at least a year and a half ago (and i still have it, i know, i probably should have tossed it by now but i didn’t) at sephora and to be fair, i think i had a gift card and i had always wanted something marc jacobs and this seemed promising. well… it was and it wasn’t. it was promising in the sense that i wanted something marc jacobs and this is… well, marc jacobs. the packaging is sleek, simple, and beautiful, so there’s that. as for the product itself, honestly… it left more to be desired. i used it maybe twice when i got it and then put it in the organizer drawer never to be seen again until yesterday when i found it again and decided to see if i still didn’t care for it. guess what? i don’t. it lifted, separated, and didn’t clump which was nice, and the gel didn’t really feel any different than applying a normal mascara, but i just don’t think it’s worth it. my wet n wild lash renegade mascara works better than this. it felt like i had to apply a lot of product in order to even get my lashes where they were in these photos, and i can achieve that AND BETTER with my drugstore mascara with a lot less product used.

  • milani color statement moisture matte lipstick in the shade ‘matte naked’ – i. love. this. lipstick. it’s a gorgeous nude that adds just enough color to the lips and is perfectly matte and not drying whatsoever. my cat knocked mine off the dresser one day and it broke though (thanks, hazel), but it’s still usable and i will continue to use it until the day i can’t use it any more… and then i’ll just got buy it again. this is a perfect nude!

so that’s what i used on my face yesterday!

again, apologies for the phone photos but i didn’t get home until 10:30pm and these were taken at around 1am when it was time to take off the makeup! everything held up really well, even the foundation, which you can’t really tell since the lighting in my apartment is horrible.

thanks for reading my second post! sorry about my face! and like i said, tomorrow i’ll try and not be lazy and actually play around with my makeup and take photos so i can maybe do another makeup of the day post in the near future if there’s an interest! when i get my ulta order and my sephora play bag, i’ll definitely be doing reviews of those, probably after sunday!


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